SoftAvail Startup Development Projects

1Cast is a Video news aggregator website. SoftAvail developed a suite of 3 mobile clients (Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile) for searching and streaming video news to mobile devices. The 1Cast application for Android was one of the first applications on the Android market in its category and enjoyed high customer ratings and feedback.

AisleBuyer is a retail application for mobile that allows the user to scan products in participating supermarkets and check-out via their smartphone with a stored credit card on file. SoftAvail developed the Android application for AisleBuyer.

AlwaysOnPC is a virtual computing service which offers an always-on-PC for the user. The user access the PC’s desktop via a mobile device or a web browser. SoftAvail team developed the AlwaysOnPC clients for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Worlds is a virtual reality desktop-based game for Windows. The user creates own persona and explores the virtual world. The world supports communication between players, video and music streaming, and commercial advertisement in a dedicated virtual world. SoftAvail picked up the development from another team and improved performance and added new features to the product.

Tapatap is a mobile social games community where users can play and create photo games on their mobile device for fun and prizes. Its main website was tailored for a mobile device screen. SoftAvail developed the mobile website for Tapatap along with all of its core features.

ImageRights is a image-matching service for image owners and those, who intend to use images and want to check if it belongs to somebody. The service uses industry-leading image-matching software to effectively detect match between images, even if the original has been significantly altered. The service also features a web-crawler to scan the web for any images that might be used without permission. SoftAvail developed the entire solution, utilizing a readily-available the image-matching solution on the backend.

Metranome is a media platform company with a service for organizing and delivering any type of media, including pictures, audio, video, and advertisements. SoftAvail team developed a Dilbert and New Yorker-branded Calendar application for Android and Blackberry. The application delivered one video cartoon (Dilbert or New Yorker) per day while showing the device calendar to the user.

ClimateMinder is an agricultural company, using wireless mesh technology on the field to monitor and control critical readings on the crops – temperature, soil humidity, light, and others. SoftAvail team optimized and productized the backend database of the service, and developed BlackBerry and J2ME mobile clients that deliver real-time monitoring and control from the field. The backend and the mobile devices support real-time alerts for the farmer if a reading from the field drops below or exceeds a certain threshold range.

MOG Inc. is a next-generation music media company founded in June 2005 by David Hyman, former CEO for Gracenote. MOG has one simple goal: to perfect your music-listening experience.

Earjam is a leading developer of computer software that locates and retrieves audio content from the global computer network.Enables computers and computer peripheral devices to record audio content from compact disks, the global computer network, analog inputs into computers, and from computer hard disks.

Midbar designs and develops copy controls solutions for digital audio content. Products include the Cactus Data Shield for the protection of optical media such as audio CDs, as well as solutions for hardware and digital distribution. SoftAvail developed a digital rights management (DRM) enabled MP3 player for Windows and MAC OS for Midbar.

X1 Technologies was founded in 2003 with a singular mission: to simplify and enhance the way we search for data, so people can actually find what they need, when they need it.

The Intellisync Corporation is a provider of Data and PIM Synchronization software for mobile devices, such as Cell Phones and PDAs. The company is currently a part of Nokia, after it was acquired in 2006.

SoftAvail team created an Internet radio player for Upside’s website broadcasting live audio while displaying banner ads and graphics. A server and a client side was developed using RealAudio and WindowsMedia. The Client side was created using DHTML, Java and ActiveX components. An Authoring and Broadcast control tool for server side was developed as well

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