Cross-Platform Application Porting
Porting native applications from one platform to another is a specialty of SoftAvail team. We have deep expertise in developing for each of the smartphone SDKs. This enables us to rapidly develop the application in another environment for you with high quality. We will help you understand how the native controls differ from one platform to another and how they may be customized to provide a similar application experience at the user interaction level.

Mobile Strategy
SoftAvail can help you develop your mobile product strategy starting from the concept through delivery. Our team will evaluate your application, how it will generate revenue, how it needs to be distributed, and how its performance can be measured, what platforms should be targeted and future migration to other smartphones and tablet devices. We will review competitive offerings, trends in the marketplace, and opportunities to include social networking, and advertising elements. We will build you a complete implementation plan including technical architecture and product specifications ready for starting development.

We are experts in mobile application development using the iPhone and iPad SDKs iPhone and can help you to develop your mobile strategy in the iPhone world. We provide a complete and integrated process for developing commercial iPhone, iPad and iPod touch applications. We offer native application development integration, web applications development and hybrids of the two approaches. Our strong skills and experience with the SDK give us the advantage in developing feature rich applications that leverage on-device components including cameras, GPS, email, WiFi and telephony. Our strong skills and experience in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML and AJAX allow us to deliver your web applications in a most efficient manner, fully integrated with the Safari web browser providing native look and feel. Our unique global delivery model ensures a low total cost of support along with a rapid delivery timeline for enhanced feature releases.

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