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A Custom Product Development & Unique Salesforce and Google AI Integration

Increase Your Sales, Protect Your Customers, And Deliver Unique Value Through Powerful SalesForce and Google AI Integrations

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SoftAvail has 15+ years of experience creating high-quality
enterprise-grade products for some of the world’s largest companies.



SoftAvail is the perfect partner for product managers and product marketing managers who need industry-leading outsourced development for products that have immediate business value.

The SoftAvail team provides in-depth industry knowledge and expertise using specialized teams to effectively develop and rapidly deliver solutions. We have a proven track record creating premium products for some of the world’s largest players.

We take a holistic and proactive approach to software quality. Best practices are implemented through development, from code reviews and code styling to thorough logging. Our most experienced and skilled engineers design architecture and oversee development.

The SoftAvail team is committed to excellence and success. We invest in your project, working diligently to ensure that it is completed exactly to specifications. We are always available when you need us but are capable of working independently without drowning you in communication.

SoftAvail offers flexible fee structures to fit the needs of your business. Options include work for hire, fixed price development, revenue sharing, equity participation, time and material costs, and monthly fixed price team costs.

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SoftAvail specializes in full lifecycle product development with custom Saleforce & Google AI integrations.

Whether you simply need prototyping, or you require full life cycle development, your project will start immediately. Quality is ingrained throughout development. Senior engineers build architecture while every level of coding is peer reviewed.

A Few of our Successful Projects


Verizon Wireless needed to enable selected smartphones, via a mobile client and smart cradle, the ability to extend a fixed mobile convergence experience to the enterprise desk phone user.


The SoftAvail team developed the Verizon Mobile Unified Communication Integrated Dialer (MUCID) Application, providing a mobile solution for Verizon’s Android users to connect into their existing SIP IP PBX. We built the software for the Android phone as well as the Belkin docking station.

A Few of our Successful Projects


AT&T need a business messaging platform that could provide the ability to reliably and effectively deliver notifications, alerts, and critical communications to mobile workers via text messaging in the most secure fashion.


The SoftAvail team built a multi-tenant hosted messenger solution that offers an extensive set of features to the corporate users including 1-to-1 and group cha5s, file transfers, message broadcasting with delivery confirmation (up to 20K recipients), global address book integration, offline push notification, presence status and FIPS compliant encryption.

A Few of our Successful Projects


Build a professional grade online collaboration platform using the latest technologies and leveraging the team IP and skillset.


The SoftAvail team was the technology provider that built the Fuze product. Our work included building a carrier grade backend for synchronizing content sharing and video streaming, audio and video collaboration and a smart multi-platform client applications for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and HTML5.

A Few of our Successful Projects


Nexmo and SoftAvail jointly developed a skills based router capable of routing tasks to agents in a contact center scenario.


The SoftAvail team built the Nexmo comms-router. The router sequences tasks in queues until an agent with the necessary skill set becomes available. This is an intelligent skills based task router allowing customers to build their own contact center on top of the Nexmo CPaas.

What Can SoftAvail Do For You?

With a uniquely experienced, creative, and skilled team, SoftAvail will build you a better product through
collaboration, outside-the-box thinking, and comprehensive quality testing. For you, that means:


Improved product

Reduced costs of
product development

Fastest time to


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Technical Masteries

If it's technical, we’ve mastered it. We care about being the best and delivering the best product for you.


The SoftAvail team is skilled and experienced with all major databases and has an excellent understanding of data modeling and schema design for both noSQL and SQL.


The SoftAvail team has in-depth knowledge of modern and legacy data transfer and signaling protocols. Extensive experience integrating with elements of telecom transport infrastructure including: SBC, SMSC, media servers, VPN gateways, NAT. Skilled with content delivery optimization with CDN and P2P architectures.


The SoftAvail team is highly-skilled with all back-end environments with a focus on Java, C++, Node.js. Experience building enterprise applications and SaaS projects. Skilled with queuing and caching technologies. Experience across communications protocols and different security and encryption requirements.